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135 Best Christmas Gifts for Dads of 2017

Dad doesn’t have to be hard to shop for this Christmas, and finding gifts for dads is now a breeze with the extensive list below. We’ve sorted through all of the lesser gifts out there and present to you 100+ Christmas gifts for dads that they are sure to smile about for months to come.

135 Best Christmas Gifts for Dads of 2017- these are some cool gift ideas! You NEED to check out this list before doing any gift shopping.

Golf Swing Trainer

This swing trainer is designed to help dad get his swing down just right so when he gets out on the links he will have better swings and a better game because of it. It’s able to train his muscle memory so that he remembers what a good swing feels like and can hopefully not over think his swing when he is in a game.


Go-Anywhere Grill

The Go Anywhere grill claims that it can go anywhere and let you grill with it. If Dad is a fan of tailgating, or camping, he’ll love this grill because it really can set up in a jiffy and cook anywhere you can think of. Not only that but you get similar results to the kind you get from a traditional grill.


Chili and Pepper Kit

If your family loves spicy foods then this will be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. It’s a kit that’ll allow you to grow 6 different varieties of hot chilis and sweet peppers. And since you’ll be growing them yourselves, there’ll be no added chemicals or ingredients so you’ll know they’re organic and healthy.

Prices Vary

Dad Picture Frame

With all of the technologies and devices that allow us to take pictures these days we can never seem to take enough. This frame is the perfect way to store one of those pictures of a father and his child. The big “Dad” letters and message at the bottom along with the image will always remind him of his family.


Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Pulled pork is a delicious way of cooking that can be enjoyed in many different ways. The problem is that it can be very difficult and time consuming if you don’t have the proper tools. These claws are a cool unique gift ideas that will allow dad to prepare that delicious meal easier and quicker than ever before, and you’ll get to eat it!


Syma Helicopter

This is a helicopter just like the ones you see being sold in the malls, only for far less. It is loads of fun for dads that love aviation and are kids at heart. It’s also great for them to get outside and have a fun activity with the kids.


Cordless Snow Blower

This snow blower will help dad tackle the big piles of snow this winter without contributing to any air pollution. It is cordless, so he won’t have to worry about staying within range of the house, or filling up with gasoline. It has enough power to get the job done, even though it is running on batteries.


One Remote to Rule Them All

If Dad loves to hog the remote, give him the most advanced remote out there that controls all the devices, and even syncs up with a smartphone so he can use his phone to control things. He’ll never have to worry about losing the remote, but now he will have to worry double about losing his phone.


Christmas Story 20″ Lamp

This is a great Christmas gift for any dad because it comes straight from the movie The Christmas Story, and it is a replica lamp like the “major award” the dad in the movie won. If Dad loves to watch The Christmas Story each year, he’s sure going to love having his own personal leg lamp.


WiFi FPV Drone with HD Camera

Drones are new and exciting, but that doesn’t stop them from being affordable and coming in all shapes and sizes. This compact drone has an HD Camera, which streams straight to your phone screen. Combine it with a VR headset for the closest sensation you’ll get to flying.


Hot Dog Toaster

Does dad love hot dogs as much as the kids do? This toaster will cook those delicious hot dogs in a matter of minutes so you’ll always have a quick meal ready to go. It’s much faster than the traditional boil method and it also toasts the buns for added deliciousness.


James Bond Cologne

Every dad dreams of living the Bond lifestyle, and this gets him one step closer with the 007 cologne. It’s a great cologne to put on when he’s dressed up for a night on the town, and it will make him feel like he’s the man. If Dad likes to wear cologne, and he’s always looking for a new scent or a clever gimmicky bottle, this is the one for him.


The Civil War by Ken Burns

Help him learn about the Civil War, or learn more about it if he’s a Civil War buff with this documentary by Ken Burns. It details some of the lesser-known facts about the war, and takes a refreshing angle that he likely hasn’t seen before in a war documentary.

Prices Vary

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is definitely going to wake up Dad’s taste buds, and it’s a great gift if he likes hot and spicy foods, or if he just likes to live life with reckless abandon. It comes in four different flavors so he can choose which ones he likes best, and also decide which ones he wants to leave alone in the future.


Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

These days, everything is moving into the digital era and cameras are no exception. You only get one shot at capturing those lifelong memories and first steps, so make sure they stay safe and give him somewhere to store those happy Christmas snaps, with an external hard drive.

Prices Vary

Mr. Beer Brewing Kits

These are the most popular beer brewing kits on the market, and for good reason. They include everything needed to start brewing your own beer, even if you’ve never brewed a batch of beer before. Many homebrew enthusiasts got their start with a Mr. Beer brewing kit, so don’t be surprised if Dad really takes to the hobby.


Leatherman Multi Tool

This multi tool from Leatherman is packed with useful gadgets that Dad can use for fixing things around the house, and it’s just nice to have in case something breaks. Rather than carry around a big toolbox, or have to store a bunch of tools, he can have many of the things he needs all in one place with this.


Sphere Ice Ball Maker

The sphere ice ball maker will make balls instead of cubes, which for presentation look really good in a glass of whiskey. They are nice and smooth and still do a good getting the whiskey cold then keeping it that way. He can use them in other drinks as well like sodas and juice.


Nest Smart Thermostat

This is one smart thermostat, and it can keep track of your patterns so that it learns your habits and learns when you want to have the heat on, or when you’re away and don’t need the house as warm. It also lets you access your thermostat from anywhere your smartphone gets a signal, so you can pre-heat your home for your arrival.


Bar Tool Set

This has all the tools dad needs to maintain a bar and produce awesome drinks. If he likes to play the bartender at family gatherings and other parties, he’s sure going to love having this set handy so that he can expand his operations and make more complicated drinks. It has everything he needs to feel like a real bartender.


Infrared Golf Simulator

This is a fun way to let Dad play golf even when the weather outside isn’t permitting it. He can play as many games as he wants with this golf simulator that uses infrared beams to replicate where the ball would have gone had he actually swung a real club on a real course.


Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HDTV

The Sony 4K TV represents the ultimate picture you can get for Christmas this year, and takes HD to the next level. 75 inches is just the right viewing size for most rooms, and this TV will look great in Dad’s man cave. If you think HD is crisp and clear, just wait until you see the picture on this 4K model.

Prices Vary

The Art of Fixing Things

Fixing things is an art form, and if Dad needs to learn it there’s no better book on it than this one. If he is already quite the artist what comes to fixing things, he’ll love delving into the book which features a lot of philosophy on what it takes to fix things the right way.


The John Lennon Letters

This book is a collection of letters of John Lennon that were never released until now. If Dad is a Beatles fan, he will certainly love this, especially if John was his favorite Beatle. These letters include poems, drawings, and other insights from John Lennon in only a style that he had.


Personalized Pub Glasses

This personalized Pub glass lets you get pretty particular about which pub you want to own. They let you name your pub, give it a date of establishment, and there’s room for a slogan too. This is a pretty high level of customization for just one glass, and they come out looking like real glasses you’d find at the pub.


HD Webcam

This HD webcam will let Dad make video calls and keep in touch with his kids easier and in crystal clarity. It features the ability to take widescreen HD video, and at the same time records high quality audio. It works great with setups like Skype or Google Hangouts, so he’ll be able to see people just like they were in the same room as him.


Shave Ready Set

Give dad a shave kit that will give him the perfect shave. It includes an old style shaving brush so he can evenly distribute the shaving cream around his face. It also includes shaving oils so that he can prepare his skin, as well as aftershave for after he’s done. There’s nothing like shaving this way, and this kit gives him everything he needs.


Drive a Race Car

Give dad the thrill of driving an actual race car around the track with this race car driving experience. Even if he isn’t a fan of watching racing on TV, he still probably has the dream of seeing what it’s like to actually drive one of these speedsters.


Polaroid Mobile Printer

Have you ever snapped a photo and thought ‘That would look great in a frame’? This printer is the ideal solution to that problem. in a world where developing film is becoming a thing of the past, give dad a means of filling the home with framed family photos.

Too low to display

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Imagine a world where robots are intelligent enough to think for themselves and walk among us. We’re happy to just let them do the hoovering. This robotic vacuum cleaner is a real time-saver and will chase the kids around the house, sucking up the mess as it’s made. Seriously, a lifechanging Christmas gift for dad that will last for years and years.


Retevis H-777 Walkie Talkies (3 Pack)

These rugged looking walkie talkies are real boys toys. Not only will the kids love to play with them, but they’re practical, too. When it takes a military style operation to get the kids into bed, mom and dad can coordinate a joint operation. Just make sure the kids don’t have the third walkie.


The BigOne

This is a bean bag chair like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is 8 feet in diameter, and is filled with soft memory foam so it is not actually a bean bag chair at all. Four or five people can fit as long as everyone sits down at the same time. Dad will love to kick back in this oversized chair.


iGrill Meat Thermometer

The iGrill meat thermometer will help dad get meats done perfectly, and it syncs up with his iPhone so that he can keep track of the temperature right on his phone without having to continually check the meat. It gives him a level of precision that wasn’t possible before.

Prices Vary

Playstation 4

If Dad is any sort of gamers he will love getting the PlayStation 4 this Christmas. It’s the hot new console from Sony and is sure to be impressive. It’s been years since they’ve released a new console, and the PlayStation 3 has been cutting edge until now.

Prices Vary

Black & Decker Matrix Drill

This drill is sure to help dad with all sorts of tasks around the home. It features plenty of power to get most of the jobs done. Ask any dad and they’ll tell you that your drill is the cornerstone of what you can get done when it comes to DIY projects.


Remote Controlled Golf Caddy

If Dad is an avid golfer, give him this motorized golf caddy so that he can still get exercise without having to lug his bag around. This is the perfect compromise which returns walking to the game of golf, but without having to drag the bag around.


Stainless Steel Wallet

The stainless steel wallet is a nice rugged wallet that he’ll be able to use each day. Because of the steel it will protect his cards from being scanned from scammers, and it is stainless steel so it will be durable and last him for years and years.

Prices Vary

Scratch Map

Kids are an adventure and so is everything that you do with them. Give dad the unique gift of a scratch map this Christmas and let him track all of the adventures with the kids, scratching off countries and towns as they travel. This thoughtful gift will last a lifetime.


Retro Arcade Machine

Any gamer old enough to be a father will appreciate the games crammed into this small package. A throwback to the classics of the 80s, if the games don’t make him feel old, the size of the console surely will! Don’t worry dad, it’s not a scale model.


8 Person Tent

The great American outdoors has so much opportunity for adventure and this tent provides the perfect base from which to explore it with the family. With space for 8 adults, the kids can easily squeeze on in and enjoy the surroundings from the optional mesh panels.


Reclaimed Ballpark Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from actual pieces of chairs from ballparks that have been taken apart. This gives dad a piece of history that he can wear on his sleeve. Any dad that is a fan of Major League Baseball will surely love to have a set of these cufflinks from his favorite ballpark.


Corkcicle Wine Chiller

This wine chiller gets fantastic reviews and it’s easy to see how well it will work because it shoots an icicle right through the wine bottle. This means your wine will stay cool and you can sip on it rather than trying to drink it before it gets warm.


FitBit Charge 2 Wristband

The FitBit can be worn all day and night, and it will track dad’s activity, even his sleeping, to see you where he needs improvement in both areas of his life. It will show with objectivity whether he is getting enough activity each day, and it will also track his sleep to see if there is something he can do to make it better.


Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set

This grill set is made out of stainless steel so it’s going to hold up to wear and tear from regular use, and provide Dad with everything he needs to be master of the grill. If Dad loves to grill all summer long he will definitely get tons of use from this.

Prices Vary

Rechargeable Heated Insoles

These rechargeable heated insoles will keep dad’s feet warm all winter long. If he likes to spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold winter months, be sure to grab these for him so he won’t have to worry about numb toes any longer. With a pair of waterproof boots and these insoles, winter has met its match.


WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

One for the dad with younger kids, this bike trainer attaches to the rear of his bike, letting him share the experience of learning to ride a bike again for the first time, with none of the risk of falling off.


OCD Cutting Board

This cutting board have has lines and grids right on it so Dad can get as obsessive compulsive as he wants and make sure that the fruits and vegetables come out in exact perfect slices. This is a fun gift for the perfectionist in the family.


FryDaddy Deep Fryer

This for FryDaddy fryer will let dad have some of his favorite fried foods from the comfort of home. It fries up the perfect french fries, as well as jalapeno poppers, chicken wings, fish sticks, and more. Gift this along with dad’s favorite foods for frying and it’s a thoughtful gift.


Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is one of the most advanced smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on the planet. It will alert your family to smoke, as well as carbon monoxide in the home, and is set up so that it will alert you with voice instead of an ear piercing screech.


Polo Double Black Cologne

The Double Black cologne from Polo is a really nice scent, and will help dad smell his best each day. It is one of the top selling colognes from Ralph Lauren, and frankly there are few colognes out there that are able to be worn daily and still smell great.


Mad Men Complete Collection

If Dad loves the series Mad Men but needs to catch up on what he’s missed in earlier seasons, you can’t go wrong with this complete set the show. It will show him the pilot, as well as the initial seasons so he can see how the characters got their start.


Deluxe Poker Chip Set

This poker set features everything dad will need to have a fantastic poker night with his buddies. It includes all of the chips, cards, and more all held perfectly in the box. It’s not just a matter of having everything but having high quality poker items to impress his friends.


Trackball Mouse

If Dad spends a lot of time in front of the computer for work, he’s surely complained about his hand cramping up because of the mouse. This trackball mouse lets him use his thumb to move the cursor instead of having to move its entire hand around. This reduces shoulder and wrist strain so he will have an easier time at work.


Electric Toothbrush

Bring Dad into the 21st century with this electric toothbrush. If he’s still brushing his teeth the old fashioned way he’ll love doing it the lazy way with this top rated electric toothbrush. Feature: rounded head so he’ll be getting a better clean than he does now.


Bacon Salt Sampler

If Dad is a fan of bacon he is going to really like this bacon salt sampler which comes in three different flavors, all of which are bacon themed. It’s a way to add instant flavor to any meal without having to cook up a pan of bacon, and it’s healthier too.

Prices Vary

SensoTouch 3D Electric Shaver

This is one of the best shavers on the planet when it comes to electric razors. It is from Norelco, one of the leaders in the industry, and users say that they are able to get a shave that feels as close as a blade without having to rip up their face.


Kala Learn To Play Ukelele Starter Kit, Light Mahogany Stain

For the dad who’s always up for learning a new skill, this ukelele starter kit is the perfect gift. He’ll get the satisfaction of nailing some tunes – with practice – whilst the kids will love to listen. Great for Christmas jingles with a Hawaiian touch.


La Crosse Technology Vertical Wireless Forecast Station

Nothing is worse than making plans for a day out, only to have them ruined by unpredictable weather. This gift will help him be more prepared for planning great adventures with the family and making sure that no camping trip is a washout.


Skywalker 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Safety Net and Hoop

This kit is two great things combined, trampolining and basketball. He gets to shoot some hoops, whilst the safety net will protect the kids when they get involved with the trampoline. Slam dunks have never been so easy, though we’re willing to bet on who runs out of energy first.


Natural Bamboo Watch

This watch is made out of bamboo, which gives it a very unique look and feel, and if Dad is a fan of watches he will surely love to add this to his collection. Almost every watch out there has either metal or leather for its strep so it’s very interesting to see one that is made of wood.

Prices Vary

Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

This wet dry vac will help dad keep the garage looking tip top, as well as come in handy when it comes time to vacuum out the car. Every dad needs a high quality wet dry vac, and this is one of the best that’s out there, so you can really make him happy with this gift.


MLB Game Played Uniform Wallet

This MLB baseball wallet is great for any dad that is a fan of Major League Baseball. It’s made with real uniforms that were actually played in a game so dad will be reminded of his favorite team each time he uses his wallet, which is quite often.


Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Face Wash

Help dad keep his face clean with this Daily Face Wash from Jack Black. This line of skin care product has no relation to the actor Jack Black, and it is highly reviewed by many users. It’s a great gift to give to a dad that hasn’t been able to find a face wash specifically for men.


Cards Against Humanity

This game is for dads that have a bit of a twisted sense of humor. It is similar to the game Apples to Apples except for the cards are all a little bit awful, and encourages you to make suggestions that are even worse. Its a lot of fun for a family that has a good personality.


Motorized Tie Rack

This motorized tie rack lets dad find his ties a lot faster than he can now. It makes heads or tails out of a closet that has ties everywhere, and organizing things immediately while allowing him to peruse his tires quickly and easily.


Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Kids are a bundle of joy, but can make it harder to find time to fit a regular gym routine into each day. This Home Gym will give him all of the kit that he needs to work out at home, whilst saving a bundle on monthly gym memberships. It’s a win-win dad gift decision.


Tree Houses You Can Actually Build: A Weekend Project Book

This gift is as much for the kids as it is for dad. Teach him the gift of DIY, whilst the kids get a treehouse hideaway in the yard. This book will take him step by step through the construction of his first tree house.


Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine with 13-Hour Delay Timer

With a family, your house is filled with lots of things. Love, kids and toys, among others. Give him this gift and it’ll soon be filled with the smell of freshly baked bread, too. Nothing wakes up the family on weekends like the smell of a bakery wafting through the home.


Circulation Enhancing Travel Socks

If Dad has to travel a lot for work, get him these travel socks so that he can have better circulation in his legs. On long flights these days they tell flyers how to do exercises to help improve their circulation, but it’s easier just to wear these socks.


Make Your Own Electric Guitar Kit

If dad is a fan of Rock and Roll and doesn’t have a guitar yet, let him make his own with this DIY guitar kit. It has all of the pieces, it just needs to be put together and customized, which will give dad a better feel for his guitar.


Garmin Fishfinder

Help dad score some big time fish with this sonar fish finder from Garmin. He’ll be able to go to the best spots out there and won’t waste his time in parts that don’t have a lot of fish. It’s almost an unfair advantage but it’s the 21st century.


Xbox One

This is the latest and greatest from Microsoft in the world of gaming and if Dad has an Xbox 360 he will surely begging anyone who will listen for the new Xbox One. It features improved graphics and a whole new list of titles to choose from.


Smoking Jacket

Dad doesn’t have to be Hugh Hefner to start dressing like him. Smoking jackets are super comfortable, and he doesn’t have to smoke in order to wear one. It’s super relaxing indoor wear for those days when he just wants to lounge around but still wants to look debonair.


The Godfather Classic Quotes

If dad is a fan of the Godfather trilogy he probably knows many of the quotes by heart. He can see all of the best quotes from the films accompanied by some classic imagery and learn the exact quote at the same time. Be prepared for him to start dropping lines from the movie more often now.


Digital SLR Camera

Has dad shown an interest in photography? If so you can’t go wrong with a fancy and powerful digital SLR camera. He can add on different lenses to take pics of things far away, and micro lenses that let him take detailed pictures of small things.


Darth Vader and Son

This is a great book to give a dad that’s a fan of Star Wars. It tells the story of how things might have gone had Darth Vader been a good and nurturing father. It is an alternate tale of how things actually went, and shows the virtue of proper fatherhood.


Breaking Bad Complete Series

Give dad the entire series of Breaking Bad in one of the best presentations we’ve seen yet. It all comes in a big plastic drum like the ones seen in the TV show, and features plenty of goodies both in physical form, and in the form of commentary from the show’s creators and producers.


Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

Metal detecting is a great hobby to get into. Hours of excitement can be shared with the kids, whilst dad regales them with stories of pirates and buried gold. This detector is one of the best-known introductory models and will soon have him on his way to finding hidden treasures.

Prices Vary

Personalized Leather Wrapped Flask

This flask can be personalized with dad’s monogrammed initials, or you can put his nickname or other saying in the space at the top. A fun way to have dad think of you each time he takes a swig.

Prices Vary

Beard Trimmer

If dad’s whiskers have been getting out of control lately, help him tame them with this beard trimmer. It’s got plenty of settings so that he can have a longer beard, but still have all the hairs be the same length. This can turn a scruffy dad into a nicely trimmed one.


Wireless Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker

Put these speakers wherever you want, either indoors or outdoors for outside entertaining. They use Bluetooth so they connect with your phone and can play your Pandora station or any MP3s you want, as long as the phone stays within range. Get the party started or just relax indoors.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Help dad keep an eye on his blood pressure with this monitor that goes around his wrist and gives an accurate reading. If his doctor has told him that he needs to watch his levels you can give him an easy way to do so. Great for daily use this can be really helpful for long term health.


Adjustable Dumbbells

If dad likes to lift weights but doesn’t have a lot of room for a workout area, these dumbbells are a great idea. They are adjustable so with just two of them it’s like you’re getting plenty more just by making adjustments. He can change the weight in just a few seconds and be onto the next set.


Game of Thrones Box Set

Game of Thrones is actually based on a set of books, so if dad is a fan of the HBO series let him delve even deeper with the books that started it all. This box set features all of the books in the series, so he’ll have a spoiler on upcoming seasons.


Planet of the Apes: 5 Film Collection

Give dad all of the Planet of the Apes he can handle. This set features 5 of the best films of the franchise, including some of the modern ones. It will give him a new appreciation for how great they are when he watches them all in succession.


Anker 5200mAh Ultra Compact Portable Mobile Device Charger

This powerful little unit can carry a full 2 charges for many of the top range smart phones. Perfect for family emergencies, including tantrums when the iPad battery dies – that’s right, it charges any mobile device with a USB socket, too! All packed into a unit the size of a candy bar. An affordable, useful christmas gift idea for dad.


5-in-1 Griddler

Help dad master his cooking skills with this griddler that can cook food 5 ways. One of the most popular ways dad will love is to use it as a panini press to make hot toasted sandwiches in a flash. He can also cook up some pancakes and other griddle favorites as well.


Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

This survival kit comes from Bear Grylls, one of the top survivalists on the planet. It gives dad everything he would need if he ever found himself in survival situation. If he’s a fan of Bear on TV he’ll definitely want a kit like this.


John Green Limited Edition Boxed Set

Give dad four books that have been best-sellers, all by author John Green. This includes Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, and The Fault in Our Stars. A great gift set for a dad that always has his nose in a book.

Prices Vary

Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Give a new dad the ability to check in on his little angel whenever he wants, even at night. This wireless video baby monitor features night vision, and a crystal clear picture so he’ll be able to tell if baby is doing alright.

Prices Vary

Safety Goggles

Keep dad’s eyes safe from harm with this safety goggles. Great for dads that spend any amount of time in their workshop and don’t yet have a pair. Also great for dads that just do DIY projects every now and then.

Prices Vary

3-Day Backpack

Everyone should have what’s known as a bug out bag. It’s a bag that will last you 2-3 days away from home in the event of an evacuation. With all of the calamities in the news you just never know when disaster will strike in your backyard.


Around the World Wine Crate

Treat dad to a wine tour around the world without leaving the comfort of home. This wine crate features win from several regions of the world, as well as foods that go with is and taste amazing while drinking the wine.


8 Piece Beer Tasting Set

These glasses make sure that you have the perfect glass no matter which beer you’ve chosen to drink. Depending on the beer you’re having there is always just the right glass to help you enjoy it, and now dad will be armed and ready for any beer situation that presents itself.


Men’s Health

Keep dad informed on the latest ways to stay healthy with a one-year subscription to Men’s Health. He doesn’t have to look like the guy on the cover to be healthy, and there are plenty of useful tips in each one that he can begin applying right away for better health.


Professional MIDI Keyboard

This keyboard is great for a dad that wants to practice his piano skills, but doesn’t have a lot of room to work with. It fits great in most any home and has everything he’ll need to get started learning, or to play if he already knows how.



This desk organizer is a great addition to dad’s workspace, especially if he has a lot of papers to shuffle. It’s clever because there are so many slots it can hold different items perfectly and keep them all in order.


Superdry Men’s Hoodie

Sometimes, when the kids are running you ragged, there’s no time to dress up and style yourself. Sometimes, you just need something familiar and comfortable to throw on. Comfortable doesn’t have to be scruffy, and this original classic combines comfort with style.

Prices Vary

LifeTek Hillcrest 62 Windproof Golf Umbrella

Every man needs a golf umbrella, even if he doesn’t play golf. He can say goodbye to having his umbrellas torn apart in the wind with this windproof bit of kit. It’s even large enough to keep the kids dry when it starts to pour.


Flex Grip Work Gloves

These gloves grip dad’s hands so that he can do a better job with the task at hand and not worry about work gloves that are big and bulky and don’t fit right. He’ll be amazed just how much those old work gloves were getting in the way of the actual work.


Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures

Queue the Indiana Jones theme music. Give dad all of the Indiana Jones movies in one awesome pack so he can relive the tale of this archaeology professor by day and adventurer in his spare time. It even includes the most recent film with the famous refrigerator scene.


14 in 1 Hammer

The handiest of tools for the handiest of men. This hammer includes 14 tools including pliers, knives, screwdrivers, and a can opener. It’s also light yet strong and easily concealable so he can store it anywhere or bring it on-the-go.


BBQ Grill Mat

Everyone loves a good grilled meal. The problem with smaller food items is that they fall in between the racks making them nearly impossible to cook on the BBQ. This mat sits directly on top of the BBQ grills allowing you to cook food of any shapes and sizes perfectly without having to worry about them falling through the cracks!


Coffee French Press

Coffee is a major part of many peoples’ morning routines; it’s the fuel of the employee! What makes this french press so great is its simplicity. It isn’t over the top and because of this it’s inexpensive and makes great tasting coffee. This french press will be step one for every coffee drinker every morning!


Best Dad Ever Shirt

What better way to let your dad know how awesome he is than with this direct t-shirt? It’s made from 100% cotton so it’s very comfy and the print will let everyone know who the number 1 dad is. This shirt will put a smile on the face of any father out there!

Prices Vary

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Your tires take a lot of beating every time you drive. You never know when you might drive over a nail or piece of glass that could let out some air. This tire pressure gauge has a screen that reads the pressure back to you giving you an exact amount rather than having to guess. It’s a must have for any dad who drives!


Vegetable Grill Basket

Grilling is a great way to cook almost any food. The problem is that smaller food can fall between the cracks of the grill if you’re not careful. This basket takes away all of those troubles by containing small vegetables and this like shrimp and small meats. No more lost food!


GlowBowl Toilet Nightlight

A big reason why people get up in the middle of the night is to go to the bathroom, the only problem is that if you turn the light on it’s like staring into the sun! This nightlight fits onto any toilet in seconds and has different colors for anyone’s preference. This light will take all the hassle out of your midnight bathroom runs!


Magnelex 22 in 1 Multi Tool

Having a good multi tool can go a very long way. This 22 in 1 multi tool by Magnelex has everything from blades to pliers to attachable bits. It even comes in a nice durable sheath so it’ll always be protected and ready to use. Whether your camping, hunting, working, or doing anything else, you’ll always have the right tool for the job!


Belmint Digital Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat can be a very tricky job. Some meats have a sweet spot where they are done enough to be healthy to eat but not overdone and dried out. This thermometer has an extremely accurate digital display that lets you know the temperature of whatever you’re cooking. Perfect for any dad who likes to BBQ!


Drink and Ale Chiller Sticks

Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day, the only downside is when the drink starts to become as warm as the weather. This drink chiller will keep any bottled beverage ice cold until the last drop! It freezes in about 45 minutes then slips into the bottle neck to cool the entire drink. Perfect for any and all beer lovers!


Car Hardware Toolkit

Breaking down on the side of the road is always frustrating, especially if you’re missing the tools for a repair that you know how to do. This 34 piece kit has all of the tools that are needed for a lot of repairs which makes it ideal for anyone who drives a car. You’ll never have to worry about getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere with this kit!


49 DIY Christmas Gifts for Dads

Shrinky Dink Gifts

Create a miniature version of your family that can stick on anything with these Shrinky Dink figures! They’re cutouts that can be personalized to look exactly like your friends and family. The tutorial lays out all the steps and all the pictures show how easy they are for anyone to make!

Wool Messenger Bag

This wool messenger bag looks like something you’d have to buy in a store, and dad might have trouble believing that you made this yourself. They walk you through the process, and include the name of the fabric so you can get it just right.


Doctor dad’s favorite beer to look like a 6 pack of reindeer, or in this case reinbeer. It’s the perfect add-on gift to his other gifts, and it is just fun to see the look on his face when you give it to him.

Felt iPhone Case

Keep dad’s iPhone looking like new with this felt case. It’s big enough to hold a set of earbuds too, so he’ll have everything he needs while on the go. Phones can get scratched up in pockets, but this case will keep it scratch-free.

Family Portrait Art

Here’s an amazing looking family portrait that spans across the wall. Dad will love to see everyone’s silhouettes represented, and when they are placed next to each other it creates a sort of family mosaic.

Dad’s Favorite Stuff

By this time you probably have a pretty good idea of dad’s favorite things. This gift involves rounding all of them up and sticking these cool labels on them so he knows that these are just for him to enjoy.


A tie may be one of the most time-honored gifts for dad, but the stigma around getting him a tie is in reference to a store bought tie. When you take the time to make him a tie he’ll definitely appreciate the gesture and it will be his new favorite.

Handprint Snowman Ornament

This is a keepsake ornament that dad is going to love to receive this Christmas. It’s made by taking your child’s hand and using that as the bodies for the snowmen. It’s a good way to record how little their hand was this year too.

Stormtroopers Snow Globe

Give dad a chuckle when he sees this Stormtrooper snow globe. It features two Stormtrooper Lego minifigures admiring a tree. It’s the sort of gift most dads will love, especially if they’re Star Wars fans, and chances are he is.

Stitch Your Own Suspenders

Stitch dad a pair of suspenders so his pants stay up without the need of a belt. This is more for the old school dads that prefer a pair of suspenders, although you could try it out on a dad that currently doesn’t have any suspenders.

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Let dad know he rocks with this paperweight. It uses rocks round around the yard and basic kitchen staples so you probably don’t need to leave your property in order to get this done. Works as a last minute gift or stocking stuffer.

Record Coasters

Use some of dad’s favorite music to make this personalized gift. You take the covers or records and turn them into coasters. Every time dad uses a coaster while he’s watching the big game on TV or for his nightly beer, he’ll think of your gift.

Jar of Nuts Label

This gift is easily customized to your dad’s tastes. Is he a peanut guy? Cashews? Pistachios? Pick his favorite nut and then load this jar up. Affix the label after printing it out and you’re good to go with a personalized gift.

Polaroid Style Photo Holder

Go retro style with this photo holder that holds pictures that look like they were taken on a Polaroid camera. It’s nice because it can hold a series of pictures so you can tell a story or remember a special day.

DIY Leather Hammer Handle

Dad’s hammer will never be the same when you upgrade it with this leather handle. It helps turn it from an ordinary hammer to something special that he’s sure to enjoy each time he has a project to do around the house.

Chalkboard Vase

Kids love to leave their mark on a home. These chalkboard vases are a great way of making sure that those marks aren’t left on the walls. Dad will love the decorative flair, whilst the kids will love to draw on them in chalk.

Mixes in a Jar

These colorful ingredient jars work with almost any baking recipe. Just layer up the ingredients in bright and varied layers and leave him to do the rest. When the kids need entertaining, all he needs to do is whack the whole lot into a bowl without the need for messy measuring and weighing.

Beer Cap Clock

This clock is perfect for any dad’s office or man cave. It uses bottle caps which give it a unique look and you can use caps from his favorites. Plus, he’ll get to drink beer while you make it, which he’ll surely enjoy doing!

Papa and Baby Bear Shirts

If you have a newborn then this gift is a must have. A papa bear shirt and a matching baby bear shirt will make father and child look and feel closer together. Also, it can be ironed onto any shirt so you can make it out of any clothing you’d like.

Kiddo Bath Bombs

When the day’s over and the kids are in bed, sometimes it pays to relax in a hot bath. These bath bombs are a great relaxation aid, whilst having a concealed toy in the center. He’ll be completely prepared in case of the kids crashing bath time.

Dad Gift Box

The dad gift box is perfect because you can load it with any of his favorites. Also, you can personalize it so that it’ll be perfect for any father. This is one box that he won’t want to rip open on Christmas morning!

Engraved Wood Mousepad

If dad’s always on the computer taking care of business then he’ll absolutely need a good mousepad. This one can be engraved and you can give him any message you want. Every time he looks down at his mouse he’ll be reminded of how much he’s loved.

Dad Themed Coasters

Get dad to use a coaster more often when you handmake these awesome coasters. They show off just how great dad is and let you know that you appreciate all he does for the family the whole year through.

DIY Hand-Stamped Handkerchief

Each time dad sneezes he’ll remember your thoughtful gift when you make him this hand-stamped handkerchief. It’s just the thing for dads with allergies that go through a lot of tissues each day and is a throwback to olden times.

World’s Greatest Pop Gift

Here’s a fun gift for dad that shows him how great he is. It says “World’s Greatest Pop” and is a play on words because you attach it to his favorite brand of soda pop. The set comes with fun things for dad to discover.

Cocktail Stirrer Clock

This clock is destined to hang in dad’s favorite room. It has a post modern look to it and is made out of cocktail stirrers. It requires a bit of wood work and hands on work but the end result will leave any drink loving father stunned!

DIY Superhero Gift Box

Show dad he’s a real superhero when you get him this themed gift box that has all of his favorite candies wrapped up. There’s no stopping SuperDad once he’s powered up with this gift!

Photo Collage Clipboard

Help dad keep all of his important papers and notes in one place with this photo collage clipboard. Perfect for dads that are coaches, or any dad that loves to play fantasty football and keeps track of games at home.

I Love Daddy Shadow Photo

A unique gift for dad, this project involves making a cutout that says I Love Daddy. Then you have you child pose for the picture making a nice shadow and it turns out looking great. A one-of-a-kind gift for dad!

Survival Bracelet

Dad will look stylish plus he’ll be more prepared in a survival situation when you make him this bracelet. It’s made from paracord that has hundreds of uses when you’re stranded out in nature.

Bacon Recipes

Who doesn’t love bacon? It’s a staple amongst many breakfasts around the world because it’s so delicious. This guide explainshow to make 3 recipes: bacon salt, bacon jam, and bacon candy. They’re very quick and easy to make and will be loved by any bacon fan!

DIY Santa Belt Jar

Get him in the Christmas spirit by putting together one – or more – of these Santa belt jars. You can fill them with pretty much anything; Christmas candy, tree decorations, chocolates, or even a knitted scarf or gloves, if you can pack it in tightly enough!

Book of Dad Vouchers

Though originally a recipe for a father’s day gift, this DIY project is ideal for vouchers of any type. You can fill it with free massages, trips to catch a ball game, babysitting vouchers, or anything else that might suit your relationship with him.

Mason Jar Candles

Make use of your spare mason jars by creating him these bespoke mason jar candles. This recipe uses wildflowers and you can be pretty creative with the ingredients that you choose. With the size of these jars, this gift is sure to last well into the New Year.

DIY Picture Frame and Key Holder

If his hallway is looking a little sparse, then this picture frame and key holder will make an attractive and memorable gift to hang by the door. With the key holder, he’ll never lose the door key again, whilst enjoying a family photo every time he enters or leaves the home.

Vintage Wood Shoe Stretcher Coat Hook

Let’s be honest, after getting married, every guy’s home is instantly filled with shoes. When the hallway is crammed with more pairs than he can count, why not create this vintage shoe and coat holder as a thoughtful DIY gift? It’ll neaten up the home, and give him somewhere to drop his coat.

Wood Slice Ornament Banners

Bring a touch of nature into his home this Christmas with these homemade ornament banners. They make cute Christmas tree decorations, but you can design them in any way you like, creating decorations that can be hung all year round.

Pain Relief Massage Oil Recipe

Cut out all of the unknown ingredients packed into commercial beauty products by creating your own massage oil with this recipe. The natural ingredients can reduce pain and inflammation, soothing the body. This is a gift that he can use with his wife, providing he’s happy to share.

Beer Soap

Beer soap, does it get any more manly? What’s great is that you can use any beer (the stronger the better) to make this soap so he’ll be able to clean in the scent of his favorites. Don’t be surprised if he spends a bit more time in the shower after receiving this gift.

Love Timeline Book

This timeline book is perfect for any couple. It uses pictures from your past and shows you a very nice and personalized way to put them together and create a collage that he’ll cherish. You can also leave some pages blank for the many more memories yet to come.

Dad Art

Every dad loves getting homemade art from his family. This is a periodic table themed art piece that looks great and will get an even better reaction from a scientific father (no pun intended). He can hang it anywhere in the home or office to remind him of his family every single day.

How To Make a Laptop Riser

Everyone loves to lay down and watch a show on their laptop after a long day. This laptop riser makes doing so much easier by raising your laptop to a much more comfortable viewing height. This tutorial requires a bit more hands on and wood work but the end result will be absolutely well worth it!

Remote Control Cookies

Christmas is a time of many treats before the New Years resolution to get in better shape. These guide shows you how to make cookies in the shape of remote controls. Any father who likes sweets will be happy to be the holder of these delicious remotes!

Pocket Tie

One of the problems with many suits is the pocket space. This tutorial shows you how to transform virtually any tie into a much more convenient pocket tie by making a few simple sews. Once complete, it’ll be able to store wallets, phones, keys, or anything else that can be easily concealed. Perfect for any dad who needs an extra pocket!

How To Make a Roll-Up Tool Organizer

Having lots of tools can make the life of any guy much easier, but with more tools also comes more mess. This roll-up tool organizer is perfect for any guy who needs a better way to sort his equipment. It can be made from and durable material and will make things easier for any handyman!

Daddy’s Car Wash Kit

Washing your car not only makes it look a lot nicer, it also rids of saps, tars, and other substances that can be harmful to the exterior of your vehicle. This guide shows you how to put together a car wash kit that’ll make the job a lot quicker and smoother which will give you more valuable time to spend with your father these holidays!

DIY Soda Can Coasters

Turn those old pop cans into recycled coasters with this DIY tutorial! This tutorial shows you how to quickly cut and paste your very own coasters that can be made from virtually any soda can. Any father will be happy to use their favorite drink as their new coaster!


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